The purpose of the Guidance and Psychological Counseling unit’s work at Gökkuşağı College is to correctly analyze the student, allowing the child to achieve self-realization in cognitive, emotional, and social terms. Through guidance activities, support is given to the students’ developmental processes, and actions are taken based on principles that aim to be preventive concerning problems they might encounter or to enable them to think solution-focused.

Activities related to different problems that all students can face in cognitive, emotional, and social areas according to their age levels are conducted. Not just in areas where problems are experienced, but also in their strong areas, activities are implemented to support students in becoming individuals who are at peace with themselves, questioning, mentally healthy, happy, and capable of making decisions on their own. Tests and inventories are applied to get to know the students better and assist them effectively.

Our Fundamental Principles While Providing Counseling
  • Every individual is valuable.
  • Reaching all students is the primary goal.
  • Guidance and Psychological Counseling is based on confidentiality.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in activities voluntarily.
  • The focus is not on making decisions, but on supporting and assisting the individual during the decision-making process.
In-Class Guidance Practices
At the beginning of the term, in-class guidance activities are conducted every month in accordance with the transitions of PYP inquiry units to ensure and evaluate the development of targeted behaviors and social skills.

Throughout the year, they are organized based on the emerging needs and requests of students and parents. Seminars are conducted in the form of single or multiple sessions of information sharing by the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Unit or by experts related to the topic.

Activities Aimed at Teachers" or "Workshops for Teachers

The Guidance and Psychological Counseling unit organizes seminars for teachers to ensure that they approach the new generation of students through the correct communication channels and to facilitate effective learning.

Activities Aimed at Parents

The Guidance and Psychological Counseling unit operates with the awareness that families play a significant role in supporting children's emotional, social, and cognitive development.

Informative sessions related to the school adaptation process, seminars held annually based on determined topics as per the needs, informational letters as needed, individual student tracking and information sharing, and individual parent meetings are among the activities conducted.