Suggestion & Request Form

Gokkusagi Koleji wants your children to be successful and happy. However, we recognize that there may be times when things go wrong, concerns persist, and disputes may arise. These can usually be resolved by speaking with the right person and alleviating most concerns.

If you are unsatisfied with anything at school, take some time to think about it. Remember that there is often more than one perspective on an event or situation. Consider how you want to move forward with your complaint, hoping for the outcome you desire.

Our school aims to be fair, transparent, and honest when dealing with any complaint. All complaints are carefully considered and addressed as quickly as possible. It is our goal to resolve any complaint through dialogue and mutual understanding.

STAGE 1 (Informal)
You should first speak face-to-face or over the phone with an appropriate member of our staff. The teacher, homeroom teacher, program coordinator, counselor, service manager, or admissions officer could be the suitable personnel at this stage. They will aim to provide a complete response to your concern/complaint/suggestion/request within 5 working days.If a satisfactory solution is not found in Stage 1, proceed to the Stage 2 below to make a formal complaint.
STAGE 2 (Formal)
This form will be sent to the general manager, school principal, and academic director. (The information you provide will be kept confidential unless necessary to investigate and resolve your complaint.)
Contact Information
Student Information

The school will aim to provide a response to your concern/complaint/suggestion/request within 5 working days from the receipt of this form.