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Contributions of International Schools to Students

The international school offers the student the opportunity to prove himself by participating in international projects. Within the scope of these projects, the student makes many connections and meets people who can help in their development. International schools aim to raise well-rounded world citizens. International schools add a lot to the students with the certificates and special diplomas they provide.

In career development, international schools increase the rate of students studying abroad. Students remove their borders with internationally valid certificates. Thanks to these certificates and diplomas, which will ensure that they are always one step ahead in their careers, international school students achieve success in their business life.

How to Become an International School Student?

The number of international schools and international school students is increasing day by day. Parents want their children to receive the best education. Both Turkish and foreign students take universal-focused courses and become individuals who are beneficial to the world and have a vision and mission who follow the current.

Foreign language education is given great importance in international schools. It is aimed that students use English, the most widely used language today, effectively. International college students learn more than one foreign language with teachers who teach in their mother tongue as a second foreign language other than English.

International schools have teachers and students of many nationalities. Therefore, all students have the opportunity to get to know different cultures closely. Through the coming together of different cultures, international school students learn to be sensitive, tolerant and respectful.

What Does an International School Student Do?

Being an international school student ensures that one is at the forefront of university and business life. The student who has a wide circle shapes his future by starting to make connections. That’s why international schools offer great opportunities for students’ careers.

All opinions are valued in international schools, regardless of nationality or gender. Teachers and principals help in every way to bring ideas to life and turn them into projects.

In this way, students have the opportunity to freely reflect their potential from an early age.

International schools are a great opportunity for students to connect abroad. For universal project competitions, international school students go to different countries to get to know cultures better, develop a vision, and have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their country.

Programs Offered by International Schools

International schools offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, increasing their students’ acceptance rates at the most respected universities. The IB diploma is recognized all over the world and by the best universities.

In addition to IB education, international schools also offer the world’s largest international education program, the Cambridge programme. Thanks to this program, students increase their chances of catching career opportunities almost anywhere in the world.

Thanks to these programs, students graduate as individuals who think analytically, follow the world’s current, open to innovations, enterprising and universal. Many artists, entrepreneurs, business people, thinkers and politicians have been trained in international schools.

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Our Story

Since its establishment in 1997, Gokkusagi Schools aims to educate the leading world citizens of the 21st century at national and international levels, both in social and cultural fields, with the vision of “Being a World School” aiming for excellence in education. With this aim, it offers academically challenging and rewarding international programs focusing on the development of its students‘ intellectual, social, emotional and individual abilities. IB Diploma, Cambridge School.


Education From Highlights in Gokkusagi School

Education From Highlights in Gokkusagi School

IB Diploma Program

IB Diploma Program prepares students for international universities and future careers by offering high-level education.

IB Primary Years Program

IB PYP Education, which has universal values, is an education program that raises its students with global consciousness.

Cambridge International Program

Cambridge Education is a form of education accepted by universities and companies around the world.

CAP Innovative Program

The CAP Program offers students unique development advantages and unlimited exploration opportunities in cultural, social and sporting fields.

Bilingual Education

In foreign language education with international standards, students graduate by gaining advanced language skills.

Career Map

At the heart of this education there is future of the student. While academic education is given to students, their careers are also managed in the best way.

Student Life in Gokkusagi School

The facilities of the campuses are constantly being developed so that Gokkusagi Schools students are interested in all branches of sports and arts. It is important for their futures that every child is able to recognize their talents. Under the name of “Student Life” at international school, the main purpose is to bring out the potential in children. The future success of individuals who focus on the right direction is a great source of pride for the school.

Science and Nature Activities

Science and nature activities are made for children to understand and learn the events that occur in daily life (rain, wind, plant growing, etc.). Nature activities, which are very popular activities for children, also affect the psychology of children in a positive way. Explaining the activities in a language that children can understand and making learning fun and attractive also increase their motivation.

Art Academy

Art Activities are that aim to develop creativity, small muscle development, and aesthetic sensitivity. The important point in these studies is not the result obtained, but the methods used.

Students are provided with sufficient time, a comfortable working environment, tools suitable for their age and development level, that students can better demonstrate their creativity

Physical Education Studies

It consists of lessons designed to prepare students for more complex movement and physical studies by working out the main muscle groups and improving their coordination features.

The purpose of Gokkusagi Schools is to ensure that each student’s movement capacity reaches the highest level by providing the development and tendencies of students through physical activities.

The purpose of education is to create an activity plan that brings mental and physical health to people, who are the main source of new generations.


The purpose of swimming lessons at Gokkusagi Schools is to help students socialize with group games and to experience sports activities. The main reasons for starting swimming training at an early age are to adapt to water, gain basic swimming skills, help motor development, progress in water without assistance, overcome the fear of water, and develop the heart-circulatory system in a positive way.

Swimming is not only a fun sport, but it is also one of the life-saving sports. For this reason, students receive training on subjects such as swimming pool adaptation, getting used to the water, breathing specific to swimming techniques, and foot strike techniques.


In the riding lessons, information is given about the emotional characteristics and body language of the horse, and an application is made about the correct use and fitting of horse and rider equipment. Students learn how to control the horse and how to move the horse as they walk.

Club Activities

Activities in clubs such as drama, theater, chess, and debate increase students’ communication skills both in their mother tongue and foreign language. They learn teamwork and how to express themselves. Their communication with each other and their socialization are also very effective in these activities.

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