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International Gokkusagi Schools

College education gives students many qualities. In colleges, where more time is assigned to students than in public schools, children's personal and social development, academic success, and participation in arts and sports activities are ensured. A good college carefully selects educators who follow every improvement of children. Teachers selected through specific interviews take special care of every child in colleges. Thanks to this interest, students' success rates increase at advanced levels. Teachers who are experts in their fields apply many modern educational techniques to shorten the learning process and increase the permanence of knowledge. One of the biggest advantages of a college education is foreign language education. High-level foreign language colleges aim for students to be able to effectively speak, write and understand the languages ​​taught at school. Students who graduate from college have improved themselves a lot in language. The fact that foreign language education in colleges is given to students from the day they start school enables them to achieve high success. college students are skilled in expressing themselves because they are in constant interaction with their social environment and teachers.

Various Activities Offered by colleges

In college education, besides academic success, activities are given great importance. Private schools raise entrepreneurial individuals who can communicate effectively with their environment, socialize, and at the same time. In these schools, where activities are held frequently, students form strong bonds with each other and with their teachers. In this way, a sense of togetherness develops within the college and the classroom. Colleges that allow children to recognize their talents through arts, sports, nature, and technology activities help students develop themselves. In this way, students become successful not only in the academic field but also in their hobbies

Population of colleges

College classes are made up of fewer students than the populations of public school classes. Having less populated classrooms improves the quality of education. Such college classes also strengthen bonds between students and create a sense of family. The rate of teachers being interested in each student individually increases. By following all the pros and cons of the students, strengths are developed while weaknesses are improved. colleges graduate students with knowledge in all fields.

Facilities ofcolleges

College campuses have many fields and materials. It is ensured that college students become versatile individuals by actively using the areas where all kinds of needs of the students are met, such as the gymnasium, painting and music workshop, laboratory, library, and conference hall. College students become environmentally conscious, able to follow world events, communicate effectively, think creatively and analytically, act easily, produce logical cause and effect, express themselves, and become cultured people of the world.

Our Story

Since its establishment in 1997, International Gokkusagi Schools aims to educate the leading world citizens of the 21st century at national and international levels, both in social and cultural fields, with the vision of “Being a World School” aiming for excellence in education. With this aim, it offers academically challenging and rewarding international programs focusing on the development of its students‘ intellectual, social, emotional and individual abilities. International Schools – IB Diploma, Cambridge School.









Education From Highlights in International School

IB Diploma Program

IB Diploma Program prepares students for international universities and future careers by offering high-level education.

IB Primary Years Program

IB PYP Education, which has universal values, is an education program that raises its students with global consciousness.

Cambridge Education

Cambridge Education is a form of education accepted by universities and companies around the world.

CAP Innovative Program

The CAP Program offers students unique development advantages and unlimited exploration opportunities in cultural, social and sporting fields.

Bilingual Education

In foreign language education with international standards, students graduate by gaining advanced language skills.

Career Map

At the heart of this education there is future of the student. While academic education is given to students, their careers are also managed in the best way.

Student Life in International School

The facilities of the campuses are constantly being developed so that Gokkusagi International Schools students are interested in all branches of sports and arts. It is important for their futures that every child is able to recognize their talents. Under the name of “Student Life” at international school, the main purpose is to bring out the potential in children. The future success of individuals who focus on the right direction is a great source of pride for the school.

Alumni Comments

News and Announcements