Within the scope of ECO School it is aimed to convey the value of nature to students in the most meaningful way. Practices that will set an example while conveying are implemented by all campuses. Realizing that nature is sustainable and conservable is a big step for both students and schools. In this way, students take an active role in raising the awareness of their families and local governments while gaining knowledge on environmental issues. Gokkusagi Schools received the green flag with its ECO-school projects. After the program is applied to provide environmental awareness, environmental management, and sustainable development education, the students grow up as individuals who are sensitive to the future.

The reason why students at Gokkusagi Schools play an active role as responsible individuals of the “sustainable world” is to provide future generations to see the beauties of the world. Reputable citizens of the world are raised to make the world a livable home under all circumstances.

For All Generations to see the Beauties of the World

The Eco-Schools program ranges from kindergartens to universities and covers 51,000 schools and institutions and more than 19,000,000 students in 67 countries. It is the world’s largest international teacher and student network.

It encourages students and teachers to research the amount of waste, energy, and water use in their schools and to make schools a more sustainable environment.