With the help of CAP which is named after Creativity, Activity Program ; students improve their abilities in 43 different branches from sports to art, language to science, they meet with new horizons and they take firm steps on their road to discover themselves.


We focus on the target with the Archery Club.

Archery is a sports branch which develops the muscle- brain-eye consantration. In the archery club, students learn the basics of archery techniques and proper students can get canalized into the school team. Archery ensures balance of the body and coordination but additively, it teaches people to learn how to focus on a specific target, not to give up and how to become patient.


We develop healthily with the Swimming Club.

Swimming is a sports branch which has the ability to activate all the muscles in the body. In swimming club, students learn – in according with their age and level of swimming- how to stay in the water, swim with freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly stroke and how to practice each of them. Swimming ensures all the body to work in a coordination and supports a healthy physical development. Besides, it also ensures the person gain abilities like concantration, perseverance and discipline.


We connect to nature with the Horseman Club.

Horsemanship is a sports branch which has the ability to activate all the muscles in the body. In horsemanship club, students learn the basics of horsemanship tecnics and they also learn how to communicate with the horses. While horsemanship gives a well- postured body shape to the athlete it also ensures the student to become emphatic and responsible. Besides, it also ensures the student to gain some self- confidence.


We became an invincible team with the Football Club.

Footbal is a team game which develops leg muscles of it’s players. In footbal club, students makes practices about flexibility, fastness, power and condition and learn the basic techniques of footbal. Apart from footbal has the ability to enchance the muscle power and organize the hearth rhytm, it also ensures the student to gain abilities in subjects such as team work, concantration, strategic thinking and problem solving.


We strengthen together with the Basketball Club.

Basketball is a team sports which makes arm, shoulder, leg and buttock muscles to work. In basketball team, students learn about pass variaties, ball throwing and techniques to catch, shut and turnstile steps. Afterwards, proper student get canalized into the school team. Basketball stands helpful for height growth and ensures the students to gain speed. Besides, it also teaches about sharing,team spirit and lead them to gain leadership spirit.


We know how to defend ourselves with Kick-Bocks Club.

Kick-bocks is a technical oriented defence sport. In Kick- bocks club, students learn about basic positions, punching technics and it’s drills, kicking technics and it’s drills ; coordination, condition, fastness, reflexes and they practice basic power works. Kick-bocks gives a well- postured body shape to the athlete and also develops his / her muscle and brain coordination and reflexes.


We rise together with the Volleyball Club.

Volleyball is a team sports which builds the muscles of arms, legs, back and buttocks. While it develops some abilities such as team working, problem solving and leadership it also contributes students to gain insights about healthy lifestyle and how can they stay away from bad habits.


We start to take action with the Tennis Club.

Tennis is a sports branch which requires its athlete to use all of his or her body while performing. In tennis club, students learn about the basic tennis technics. Where tennis playing improves hand-eye coordination and muscle power, it also strengthens some abilities like strategic thinking, following and fast decision making.


We discover the power of flexibility with the Gymnastic Club.

Gymnastics is a sports branch which requires its athlete to use all of his or her body while performing. In gymnastic club, students perform exercises and learn the basics of gymnastics. While gymnastics improves muscle-brain coordination, muscle power and flexibility; it also decreases the levels of stress.


We find the balance of the grace with the Ice Skating Club.

Ice skating is a sports branch which can be performed either as couples or as groups. In ice skating club, students learn about ice skating technics, prepares a performance and displays it. While ice skating develops the body balance, muscle- brain coordination and muscle power it also strengthens abilities of aesthetical perception, self reliance, team working and communication.


We gain strength while we are having fun with the Zumba Club.

With its typical musics and choreographies, Zumba is a sports which evolves from the combination of fitness and dance. In Zumba club, students dance, prepares performances and displays them along with musics and the other required equipments. Zumba facilities burning the fats and organises hearth rhythm, decreases the level of stress.


We find the rhythm of our body with the Dance Club.

Dance club, brings students together who are interested in dancing and provides an environment to them where they can improve their abilities and work together. Students perform exercises about warm-up , stretching and condition; learns the dance techniques, creates choreographies, performs and takes part in contests. While dancing improves abilities on muscle- brain coordination, rhythm feeling, creativity and team work it also decreases the stress levels.


We reveal the aesthetic with the Ballet Club.

Ballet is a type of performance art which combines dance and music by relying on steps. In ballet club, students perform exercises about stretching, warming up and condition, learn how to perform the figures in ballet, prepares choreographies and performs them. With the help of ballet, students can gain an upright posture and a flexible body, they can know their own body. Ballet also improves students abilities in terms of discipline and musical ear.


We tap out the rhythm of the street with the Hip-Hop Club.

Compared with other dance genres, hiphop is as a modern dance genre which has more flexible choreographies. In hiphop dance academy club, students performs exercises like body stretching, warm-up and condition; they learn technical and rhythmical fıgures, prepares choreographies and perform them. Hiphop dance provides flexibility to the body, improves the feeling of rhythm and make a contribution for the improvement of abilities such as communication and team working.


We play the song of improvement with the Violin Club.

In addition to the purpose of improving some technical abilities on violin playing , violin club also aims to enhance the intellectual fund of knowledge towards music. In violin club, students learn how to hold the violin properly ; they read notes, play violin and prepares performances. While playing violin improves sleight and musical abilities ; it also increases the concentration period and decreases stress levels.


We sing the song of discovering ourselves with the Singing Club.

Besides aiming to improve the technical abilities in terms of using the voice, singing club also aims to enhance the intellectual fund of knowledge towards music. By making exercises and singing, students discover the possibilities of their voice and learn how to use it better ; they prepare performances and takes part in contests. Along with improving students musical abilities and knowledge funds, singing also strengthens their speech skills and self-reliance.


We play the song of improvement with the Drum Club.

Besides improving the technical abilities in the matter of playing the drum ; drum club also aims to enhance the intellectual fund of knowledge towards music. Students listen to music, make analyses, plays drums and prepares performances. The drum which can be played with the usage of both hands and foot ; makes great contribution to brain development, teaches how to use the body in coordinated and improves the sense of rhythm.


We play the song of improvement with Guitar Club.

Besides improving the technical abilities in the matter of playing the guitar ; guitar club also aims to enhance the intellectual fund of knowledge towards music. Students listen to music, make analyses, plays guitar and prepares performances. Due to guitars to be played by both hands, it has the ability to improve the intelligence and makes it easier to reflect emotions.


We play the song of improvement with the Piano Club.

Besides improving the technical abilities in the matter of playing the piano ; piano club also aims to enhance the intellectual fund of knowledge towards music. Students listen to music, make analyses, plays piano and prepares performances. While piano enables students to gain abilities such as creativity, a retentive memory and hand- eye coordination ; it also makes a great contribution to the development of attention. It improves the mathematical intelligence and helps to use the left and right brain at the same time.


We push the limits of creativity with the Origami Club.

Origami is a type of art which embarks the principle of creating figures by folding a square shaped paper in specific and rankly orders. In origami club, students design products, generates them and display them with several events. Besides improving motor skills and hand-eye coordination origami also helps students to improve their abilities on the subjects of patience and attention.


We meet creativity to fun with the Toy Designing Club.

Toy design club, aims to improve students physiologically, psychologically and socially through games. Students in this club, designs toys, creates guidance sketches and materialise the toy through reading the sketches. While toy designing increases creativity, problem solving and motor abilities, it also enables students to drift apart from stress.


We transfer tradition to the future with the Handcraft Club.

Apart from improving the creativity of its students, handcraft club also aims the handcrafts to hand down to next generations. Students make practices such as carpet weaving, amigurumi, macroeconomic wristband weaving, designing ceramic magnets and pendants. Besides increasing the motor skills and creativity, handcrafts also enhances the cultural and artistic fund of knowledge.


We go try on the creativity rage with the Fashion Designing Club.

Fashion designing club provides an atmosphere to its students where they can argue the artistry and social outcomes of fashion. Students evaluate the fashion trends, learn about practice techniques, creates designs and they watch fashion events. Besides improving creativity and aesthetic perception, fashion designing also strengthens the hand craftiness.


We enrich our imagination with Visual Ability Club.

By allowing students to express themselves with the usage art ,Visual Ability Club aims students to be able to reflect their inner world in a healthy way. Students in this club makes painting practices, engages in conversation sessions and arranges organisations with famous painters. While increasing the fund of knowledge about painting techniques and practicing skills, visual ability club also enables skills like creativity, aesthetic perception to become strengthened.


We tell our story in a self-reliance with Drama Theater Club.

Drama Theatre Club creates a platform for students interested with theatre to come together and study collaboratively. Students engages in exercises to improve their acting skills, prepares plays, displays the plays that they have made through various events and take part in contests. While drama and theatre enhances students artistry fund of knowledges, it also helps the communication skills and imagination to improve.


We discover the enjoyable world of science with Crazy Experiments Club.

Crazy Experiments Club aims its students to internalise scientific perspective through experiencing. In this club, students assess the datas which they’ve gained through experiments and they produce materials in accordance with the subject. Besides improving students in academic and cognitive terms it also increases the abilities of questioning and analysing.


We go with the light of science with the Science and Experiments Club.

Science and Experiment Club aims to increase students fund of informations on the topics of science and technology. Besides, it also aims to give a different point of view to its students and ensure that they comprehend the basic principles of science. In this group, students conduct scientific researches and experiments, prepares science projects and publishes them, make evaluations on cultural events and scientific broadcasts by watching them and makes enlightenment works about the history of science. Besides increasing the fund of knowledge in the topics of science and technology ; science and experiment club also improves the abilities of analytical thinking and problem solving.


We programme the future with the Coding Club.

Coding club aims its students to gain skills in the topics of technology using, designing, science and mathematical operations. In this club, by learning one of the coding languages students end up with having the knowledge of basic programming and generate solutions to the problems given. Besides improving skills of coding, mathematics and technology; coding club also helps its students analytic thinking, problem solving and creativity abilities to develop.


We generate creative solutions with Software Club.

Software club aims its students to gain every bit of information and skills about software and also aims to create an awareness in the subjects of software, innovation, entrepreneurship’s importance and opportunities. In software club, students learn technical informations about software also they arrange conversation sessions about career, software days and entrepreneurship. This club improves skills such as analytical thinking, problem solving and creativity along with technologic skills.


We shoot the movie of our dreams with the Radio, Television and Cinema Club.

Radio, television and cinema club creates a platform for students who are interested with cinema to come together and study collaboratively and it aims to enhance the fund of knowledge in the topic of artistry. Students make movie screenings, analyse the works in the field and produce their own works. Students displays the works they have done through the year with various events and take part in short movie contests. Besides increasing the intellectual fund of knowledge ; radio, television and cinema club improves some abilities such as creativity, communication, critical thinking and team work.


We build creative dreams with Lego and Design Club.

Club of Lego and Design Engineering produces unique designs. Students design models proper to the problems, they produce and display them. While lego designing strengthens the creativity and problem solving ability it also eases the procedure of meronymy.