For a quarter of a century, Gokkusagi Schools have been committed to education, deeply recognizing its pivotal role in shaping the transformation of individuals, societies, and the world. We bear the awareness that genuine progress can only be achieved through education.

With our 26 years of experience and boundless enthusiasm, we provide a student-centered, internationally standard, and comprehensive education for our children to discover and surpass themselves, equipping them with the confidence and knowledge to pioneer the development of our nation and the world.

Our experienced team, comprised of both Turkish and foreign educators who share our sense of responsibility and excitement, caters to the unique needs of our students by offering avenues for them to showcase their talents. They conduct extensive programs to ensure our students’ holistic development in cognitive, physical, emotional, and social aspects.

Our accomplishments in mathematics, natural sciences, ICT, social sciences; our achievements in olympiads, artistic and athletic competitions; our internationally-standardized foreign language proficiency; our community service and social responsibility projects; our rich library and e-resources, science, engineering, computing, and technology labs make us believe we stand among the distinguished global schools. We continue our efforts, raising our goals day by day.

I wish success to all teachers and students of Gokkusagi Schools.

Chairman of the Board

About Us

Since its establishment in 1997, Gokkusagi Schools aims to educate the leading world citizens of the 21st century at national and international levels, both in social and cultural fields, with the vision of “Being a World School”” aiming for excellence in education. With this aim, it offers academically challenging and rewarding international programs focusing on the development of its students‘ intellectual, social, emotional and individual abilities.

It carries out challenging studies so that the students can learn how to overcome the challenges they will face in their lives and fulfi ll their responsibilities easily, thus enabling them to proactively participate in local and global community as respectful, open-minded, caring, and tolerant individuals who contribute to their environment and the world.

For more than 25 years, Gokkusagi Schools have gained the quality of being one of the leading and established educational institutions of our country with its quality education, continuously raising the standards and realizing its vision in the fi eld of education as a respected school.

Its name has been well-known in our country and internationally with the awards and achievements such as the “TUBITAK National and International Mathematics Olympiads”, National and International Computer Web Design – Project Olympiads, National and International Social Responsibility projects, “International Cambridge English exams”, and the “Quality Team of the Year” award of the Ministry of Turkish National Education.

Gokkusagi Schools Bahcelievler campus has become an authorized IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) World School in 2015 and the Bahcesehir, Bahcelievler and Atasehir campuses are authorized IB PYP schools and are continuing their educational journey to excellence with the IB standards and practices.

Gokkusagi Schools, which was the first Cambridge International School approved by the Ministry of Education and Cambridge Assessment International Education at primary and lower-secondary school level in 2014, and the second International Cambridge school at high school level, took its place among the most distinguished schools in the world.

We have Bahcelievler, Beylikduzu and Bahcesehir campuses in the European side of Istanbul and Atasehir campus in the Asian side. Beside Istanbul we are spread around Turkey, having campuses in Izmir, Bursa, Antalya and Ankara.

Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Gökkuşağı Schools offer academically challenging and rewarding international programmes focusing on the cultivation of individual talents and intellectual, social and emotional development. At Gökkuşağı Schools, through a student-centered and balanced education we aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and self-confident lifelong learners who are honest and equipped with universal values and intercultural understanding to create a peaceful world. We inspire students to be innovative and socially proactive multilingual learners who are responsible members of the global community and productive global citizens. We support learners to have their own national and spiritual values and develop respectful learners who understand that people have different values and points of view.

Our Vision

To be an innovative, contemporary, constantly developing, international world school;
To contribute positively to the future of our country and the world by raising wellequipped, caring and responsible young people.

Education Model


As Gokkusagi Schools; Our Education Model is the “LIVING SCHOOL” model, which aims to educate internationally conscious individuals who research, inquire, think, communicate, are informed, principled, open-minded, caring, risk takers, balanced, and reflective.


At Gokkusagi Schools it is our main duty to ensure that our students who receive an education can fully benefit from our quality education services to reach their future goals. Total Quality Management is the responsibility of each employee working in our institution. It is ensured that this responsibility is fulfilled in an environment where innovation and development are encouraged in our institution, where self-development and renewal opportunities, support and encouragement are provided. Continuous improvement of quality is vital for us because we are determined to follow our vision of “Being a World School.” Possible problems are followed up by the problem-solving teams and resolved by mutual evaluations. Gokkusagi Schools closely follows the developing and changing technology, and is in constant communication with the institutions and organizations that provide National Education and education services in every environment of education. The suitability of the quality of our services is under the guarantee of Gokkusagi Schools.

Human Resources

At Gokkusagi Schools, our priority is to educate our children with talented and high-potential candidates. If you would like to join the Gokkusagi Schools family, you can contact us through the following channels:
Email: [email protected] 
You can use any of the communication channels above to submit your applications to us. We will carefully evaluate your applications and contact you for suitable positions. To the attention of job applicants; at Gokkusagi Schools, we adopt a fair and transparent approach in our recruitment process. We publish our own job postings only through the channels mentioned above, and we only accept applications through these channels.