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At International Gokkusagi Schools, sensitive, knowledgeable and leader-spirited young people are raised with multi-faceted, high-quality education programs at international standards.

Cambridge and IB programs; aims to raise individuals who can express themselves effectively in more than one language, think creatively and critically, are sensitive to society’s problems, take initiative, have advanced communication skills, and have a high intellectual background and global vision.

International Education Programs


The international education program IB, developed by the International Baccalaureate Organization, is implemented by 5500 schools around the world and is recognized by the world’s outstanding universities. International Gokkusagi Schools implements IB Primary Years and IB Diploma programs with its expert academic staff and advanced physical infrastructure.


Practiced by more than 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries around the world, Cambridge education is recognized by more than 1,400 world universities. International Gokkusagi Schools implements Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge Upper Secondary, and Cambridge Advanced programs with its expert academic staff and advanced physical infrastructure.


CAP, which consists of the words creativity and activity, aims to ensure that students continue their cultural, sportive, and social development in full. While enabling students to discover and develop their talents, a multi-faceted development is aimed at cultural, artistic, sports, and social responsibility activities.

Dual Foreign Language Education

Both the IB and Cambridge international programs offer a second foreign language education in addition to high-level English education. Dual foreign language education contributes to the development of intercultural respect and international vision, as well as superior language skills and intellectual background.

Some IB Graduates Who Are Leaders in Their Fields


Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is the 23rd Canadian Prime Minister and politician. Son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau. He graduated from McGill University and the University of British Columbia. In 2007, he starred in the movie The Great War, about Canada’s involvement in World War I. Signed the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Dustin Moskovitz

American technology entrepreneur Dustin Moskovitz is the co-founder of Facebook. He then left Facebook to develop Asana. According to Forbes, Dustin is the world’s youngest self-employed billionaire, with a 7.7% publicly traded stake in Facebook. He completed his high school education at Vanguard High School, studied Economics at Harvard University, and continued the IB program.

Akihiko Hoshide

Akihiko Hoshide

Akihiko Hoshide is the 3rd Japanese astronaut to walk in space. He received an International Baccalaureate Diploma from the United World College of South East Asia, a BS in mechanical engineering from Keio University, and a Master’s in aerospace engineering from the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering.

Gael Garcia Bernal

He is a Mexican actor and director. He has made quite a splash with the films Shattered Loves Dogs, The Diary of the Motorcycle, and the Oscar-nominated Babylon movies he starred. He was selected as the Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Series in Golden Globe Awards.

Gael Garcia Bernal-

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

The King of the Netherlands attended primary and secondary schools in public schools. He received his IB diploma from Atlantic College. Before he acceded to the throne, he was Chairman of the Water and Sanitation Advisory Board, a member of the International Olympic Committee, the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, and chairman of the Water Advisory Committee.

Characteristics of Leaders Leading International Innovation

People who have been pioneers in their fields and are dedicated to their development have a lot in common. Self-developed and successful people with these characteristics have guided the next generations with their experiences and strategies. These leaders announced their names and achievements to the whole world.


Leaders are disciplined. They work continuously on the way to their goals without disturbing their stability and program. They are aware...


Leaders become leaders because they trust themselves and their skills. One of the most important features that the IB program brings to the individual is self-confidence...


Having a vision and mission shows the person's perspective on life, what he wants to do in the future, and in which direction he will do it. All leaders set a...


In order to fulfill all these characteristics, leaders need to develop motivation. Motivation is the inner strength and energy that will be needed to put...

Being Open to Development

A skill or idea that is not open to improvement is doomed to extinction. Leaders know this and constantly improve themselves in different areas. IB graduate leaders...


When we look at the leaders who are pioneers in their fields, we see that they are all very good communicators. They express themselves and their purpose...

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