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Our Status in the IB (International Baccalaureate) Programmes:

Gökkuşağı Schools, which became an IB world school in May 2015, take firm steps forward on high-quality educational journey and be a member of the most prestigious IB schools of the world.

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Gökkuşağı College became a member of prestigious IB world school. View our IB profile.


Being a World School

Schools all over the world want to be an IB World School pursuing authorization in order to offer one or more of the IB Programmes to their students. IB World Schools accomplish an intensive and globally consistent process in order to offer an exceptional IB education. The approval process from the IB is a compelling, rewarding and valuable educational adventure for a school and an entire school community. The benefits of authorization also continue after the completion of the process and equips each school with a road map for sustainable success. As a result of this process; families and students become extremely pleased with and sure about the education anywhere in the world through an IB World School, because an IB World School:

  • has a commitment to the IB philosophy which focuses on the international-mindedness
  • has a strict and comprehensive curriculum which encourages student’s curiosity and inquiry
  • has teachers, education leaders and school staff who are trained in accordance with the IB programme and its educational philosophy
  • has pedagogical leaders and managers who support and serve for the mission of the IB programmes
  • has a comprehensive plan for sustainability and implementation of the IB programme.

-Gökkuşağı Schools, which became an IB world school in May 2015, take firm steps forward on high-quality educational journey and be a member of the most prestigious IB schools of the world.


IB has a comprehensive plan for a continuum and implementation

IB World Schools are assessed periodically and find themselves in a continuum of a professional development after the authorization from the IB. IB World Schools gain favor from a very large number and types of materials, regional and global social networks and opportunities. Schools authorized by the IB organization to implement one or more of the IB programmes are known as “IB World Schools”. These schools share the same mission with the IB to provide high quality international education, support each other  by taking an active role in IB schools family all over the world, share their knowledge and experience of learning, dedicate themselves to teachers ‘ professional development


What is an IB Education?

The IB continuum of international education is a programme requring an academic and personal rigour for 3 to 19 year olds. It challenges students to excel in their subjects, studies and personal development. (No pain no gain) It aims to inspire inquiry and exploration promoting lifelong learning through empathy and enthusiasm. The IB supports schools to develop well-rounded students who overcome challenges via optimisim and open-mindedness, who are confident, make ethical decisions, give importance to common values of humanity and ready to implement what they learn in the real world, complex and unpredictable situations. The IB offers highly quality international educational programmes that share a powerful vision.


The IB education which proceeds with values defined in the learner profile:

focuses on learners. IB’s student-centered programmes encourage healthy relationships, honesty, moral responsibility and personal challenges

develops effective approaches to teaching and learning. IB programmes help students to develop the skills and attitudes that they need for both their academic and personal achievements.

-works within global contexts. IB programmes increase the understanding of languages and cultures and examine the ideas and issues of global importance.

-explores significant subject contents. IB programmes offer a comprehensive and balanced, conceptual and interconnected curriculum. IB learners strive to become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective. These attributes represent a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities going beyond intellectual development and academic success.