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Education With Games

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie

I believe in the importance of bringing various activities to the classroom in order to avoid standard lesson which starts with ‘Open page 54…’ That’s why I use games as an instructional tool. Games have become one of the crucial parts of English Language Education. There are lots of reasons which support this idea.

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Games provide a fun way to practice what they have learnt.

I am quite aware that a lot of students need lots of practice to internalize knowledge. With games, students have a chance to revise the words and structures in a meaningful way.

Practising is not the only advantage of games. To be able to improve the language skills, creativity, critical thinking skills and teamwork, we use games as well.

Students have almost no chance to use the English Language in their own life. For that reason, to foster speaking skill, we used legos and play dough as a way of expressing ourselves in English.


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Games grab students’ attention and make them engage to the lessons.

Think about yourself, if you enjoy doing something, you participate in that process or even want to do it again. They enjoy playing games.

I believe that as adults, that’s the moment for us to rediscover our inner child and play games with our children.



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