Çift Yabancı Dil Eğitimi Neden Önemli?

Why We Should Have Double Foreign Languages?

One of the most important prerequisites for being a successful individual is to be open to gaining new skills. The common feature of the people we see as successful around us; they are eager to learn something new every day. Also learning different cultures and learning a second language starts with this sense of curiosity.

Gokkusagı Schools is one of the rare schools in Turkey which is aware of the significance of specializing in a second language. Being bilingual, both personally and professionally, provides many advantages for the individual in his/her daily life, education period and on the way to climb the career ladder.

In this blog post, we cover some of the benefits of learning a second language and the importance of speaking two foreign languages in the world.
Why it is important to know more than one language?

We live in a multilingual world where international connections and communication are now more important than ever. The world is becoming more and more global and the importance of knowing a second language is increasing day by day.

There are tangible benefits of being bilingual:
• Helps you on the career ladder.
• Keeps your memory fresh, improves your brain functions and enhances your creativity.
• May help you to better understand the languages you currently speak

Many companies build relationships with other countries by dealing with international trade. Therefore, company employees are often asked to travel for business, improve their communication or move abroad.
Learning a second language may also give you an insight into other cultures, besides increasing your chances of building a good career or advancing your career. You become more prepared and confident to travel the world and explore other people’s lifestyles.

The problem of adapting to different geographies and cultures is a real problem for most countries. Most of the times, this is because of the language barrier. People outside of their home country are often isolated from society because of language barriers and they only communicate with people from similar communities where their language is spoken.

Learning a second language offers the opportunity to be a part of a diverse community and to learn more about the world surrounding us.
What are the benefits of learning a second language?

As we mentioned earlier, learning a new language is critically important in a globalizing world. Let’s take an in-depth look at the benefits of learning a second language.

1. Improves your memory
The more you use your brain to learn new skills, the more your brain functions work. Learning a new language forces your brain to become familiar with new grammar and vocabulary rules. Remembering new words, making connections between them and using them frequently in daily life give you the opportunity to train your memory.

2. Improves your multitasking ability
Time management and multitasking are two special skills that will always help you. Multilingual people have the ability to switch between languages. Their ability to think in different languages and to communicate in more than one language improves their multitasking ability. Additionally, as a result of researches, it has been discovered that people who speak two languages have advanced creativity skill.

3. Increases your performance in academic fields
Focusing yourself fully on a language learning environment isn’t just about learning the basics of that language. It means learning how to communicate with your friends in another language or participating in extracurricular activities in that language.
Many people agree that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn because words are pronounced the way they are written. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and it is used by more than 400 million people.
Spanish skills are seen as a powerful feature for communicating and building relationships not only in Spain but also in Latin America.
The truth is, learning new skills every day improves every aspect of your life. By learning new skills, you can increase your career opportunities, learn more about the world around you, and become a better equipped global citizen overall.


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