Why Gokkusagi Schools?

For parents who look for private schools which are qualified, equipped and meet international standards ; Gokkusagi Schools stand as the most trustrul address with the experience it carries in the field for a quarter century. 


The school gives education in 6 different campuses through Turkey and provides education in a multicultural atmosphere with its academic staff from 18 different nationalities as well with its students from 47 different nationalities.


International Education 

To provide the international standard principle precisely, Gokkusagi Schools conduct the education programs of Cambridge and IB which stand as the common education methods of world’s most outstanding schools.


With this way, where International Gokkusagi Schools enhances its students to have fully developed academic, cultural and social abilities but it also enables them to reach higher levels in linguistic skills.


Besides, with the help of language education the international perspective and the intellectual knowledge of students become strengthful. Thanks to its education programs and multicultural atmosphere it provides, by building an international consciousness International Gokkusagi Schools raise its students as citizens of the world.


Wide Physical Campus Opportunities

Due to all campuses of International Gokkusagi Schools have been built to act as precise living places; all sub-offices of the school have laboratories for physics, biology, chemistry  and STEM ; as well with artistry and sports areas for students to engage in music, dancing, archery and running. Besides, campuses include several organic farming classrooms and large libraries for students to learn by exploring.


School aims its students to adapt to the continuously evolving technological improvements and wants them to use the technology as actively and efficiently as possible. 


In this sense, school gives high priority to STEM and robotic coding lessons. Besides, by using the extensive laboratories and education technologies it has, school also improves the academic and technological abilities which the 21st century requires from students.


Multidimensional Development

Where innovative CAP program develops their students’ abilities in terms of culture, sociality and sports as a whole and leads them to discover themselves but also it strengthens some abilities like communication, team-work, critical and creative thinking. 


With the help of the CAP, students become able to conduct cultural, artistic, sportive, scientific and linguistic studies in a wide range which contains 43 different disciplines from ice skating to blockchain and from drums to hip-hop dancing. 


National and International Successes 

Students of Gokkusagi Schools carry many olympic successes in the subjects of informatics, mathematics, English and sports. In the meantime, students of Gokkusagi won many special mansions in MUN -MUN stands as the organization which refers to the english version of the United Nations prepared for students -such as promising commissioner, best commissioner, extraordinary commissioner as well with deserving high admiration awards and best school cup.


Some successes of Gokkusagi Students ;

  • 280 medals in national and international mathematic olympics
  • 25 national and 39 international medals in computer olympics.
  • Bring more than 200 achievement certificates every year in Cambridge Assessment English İnternational Language Exams. 


Studies for Exam Preparation  

In Gokkusagi Schools in addition to qualified education programs, some concentrated studies for the preparation of YKS and LGS exams also stand in the conduct. While conducting academic preparation with practices like study times, question solving times, tests and extra classes ; the motivational activities are maintaining with some counseling activities for psychological preparation. 


Psychological Support 

Besides exam preparations the counseling and psychological guidance services are also maintaining in the school precisely. For students to improve themselves in the matters of cognitive, emotional and social subjects both individual and group activities are being conducted. 


In addition to resolving the problems of students ; some preventive exercises are being held such as determining the potential problems of students according to their age as well with some practices which aim to support students’ positive sides.  

International Gokkusagi Schools where you can find more than you’ve ever expected, wait for its new students in the campuses of İstanbul Ataşehir, Bahçelievler, Bahçeşehir and Beylikdüzü, Ankara (Çankaya) and İzmir (Ataşehir) with its equipped campuses and expert academic staff. 


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