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IB education is an international programme which marked an era with the approaches it brought to teaching and learning. IB education’s innovative approaches towards education is an output of the education to raise students who have an international consciousness, who thinks skeptical and creative and who are sensitive and have the leadership spirit. In this article, we compiled informations about IB PYP Exhibitions.


IB’s teaching approaches are based on how students should learn in the basics. As an addition to these approaches, IB also aims to acquire skills in five different categories. These collective skills aim to raise students as individuals who know how to ask beneficial questions, who can set effective goals and who have the ability to walk towards these setted goals in determinedly.


The five skill categories aimed to acquire by the IB PYP Exhibitions learning approaches are: 

  • Thinking Skills 

Critical thinking which involves analyzing and evaluating topics and ideas, creative thinking which involves generating new and original ideas or perspectives, ethical thinking expressing a principled approach, transfer skills involving the use of knowledge and skills in multiple contexts, and reflective thinking involving re-evaluation of the learning process abilities are expressed in the category of thinking skills.

  • Exploratory Skills 

With IB PYP Exhibition’s teaching approaches; the exploratory skills aimed to acquire by IB contains information and media literacy, creation and planning, data acquisition and recording. Media literacy comprises engaging with media to interpret ideas and information; ethical usage of media/information, social and ethical technology understanding and interpretation. 

  • Communication Skills 

Information exchange skills including listening, interpretation and speaking; literacy skills expressing the use of reading, writing and language for information gathering and transmission; and information skills including the usage of technology for information gathering, investigation-research and transmission are evaluated within this category.

  • Social Skills 

Social skills aimed to acquire by IB PYP Exhibition’s teaching approaches involve skills such as establishment and the maintenance of positive interpersonal relationships and cooperation, and the development of socioemotional intelligence. 

  • Self Management Skills 

Organizational skills include effective management of time and tasks and additionally, mental states skills that express abilities such as mindfulness, emotion management, self-motivation, and resilience are evaluated within this category.


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