As Gökkuşağı Educational Institiutions; we strive to create actively-engaged students in a ‘Living School’ to transform them into international-minded world citizens who are inquirer, knowledgeable, thinker, communicator, principled, open-minded, caring, risktaker, balanced and reflective.


Our primary task is to ensure that our students receive full access to quality education to reach their future goals in Gokkusagi Schools. Total quality management is the responsibility of every employee who works at our institutions. This responsibility is fulfilled in an environment where innovation and development are encouraged, institution employees are provided with the opportunity to develop and renew themselves, supported and encouraged. Continuous improvement of the qualifications in the field of education is an indispensable part for all of us. Since our vision is to be  a ‘World School’. Thus our main philosophy is planned and continuous progress. Possible problems followed by the problem solving teams  and are solved   after  mutual evaluations. Gökkuşağı Schools closely monitor the changing and improving technology; always co-operate with the Ministry of National Education and other institutions/organizations that provide educational services. The quality of our services is under the assurance of Gökkuşağı Schools.