Mıddle Schools Of Gokkusagi Waits For Its Students

Middle schools in International Gokkusagi Schools give high priority to secondary education due to the steps taken by students in this stage has the ability to affect their higher education in high incidences. 


Gokkusagi uses STEM and Science Laboratories, its multi-language education system and some international education programs it provides ; as means to build a sound secondary education for students. 


Benefits of Gökkusagi Middle School 

International Gokkusagi Schools aim to prepare its students for their higher education by ensuring them to gain the best academic background that they can get. Due to accomplish this aim in the most efficient way possible , International Gokkusagi Schools ;


  • Give high priority to the development of linguistic abilities. By completing their education, students will be able to show a comprehensive sufficiency in the matter of all four skills necessary in language learning steps. ( Reading, writing, speaking, and listening). 


  • Attribute its syllabus based on compatibility with international standards. With this approach, students gain the chance to receive an education which practices a wider perspective in Gokkusagi middle schools.


  • Aim to build its students’ academic, physical and social abilities gradually by using STEM and Science laboratories, various cultural and artistic events and campus opportunities. 

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