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İzmir has plenty of options in terms of private schools. We have prepared an article for parents who were undecided among dozens of private schools and browsed hundreds of pages to find out which private school has the features they were looking for. Hence, in this article, we will describe the education qualities of Gokkusagi’s International School İzmir Ataşehir campus, which started to provide education at secondary and high school levels.


Reasons To Choose International Gokkusagi Schools 

  • Experience in The Education for a Quarter Century 

Although International Gokkusagi Schools has just joined the colleges in İzmir, it carries the 25 years intensive education experience in Istanbul. Founded in Güneşli in 1997, International Gokkusagi Schools  now has 6 campuses in 3 cities, 300 teachers and 6000 graduates from 18 different countries.

  • International Education Programs 

The IB and Cambridge programs given by International Gokkusagi Schools help its students achieve a successful further education and international career opportunities. Students who graduate from these programs increase their chance to receive acceptions from world top universities. By receiving their education in International Gokkusagi Schools ,which gives IB and Cambridge diplomas in its International İzmir School as well with some other campuses, students graduate as individuals who have universal perceptions.

  • Dual Foreign Language Education 

Being able to speak more than one foreign language is effective both in developing a universal perspective and in creating international career opportunities.Therefore, International Gokkusagi Schools offers a multilingual and multicultural education environment with teachers and students from all over the world.

  • STEM And Robotic Coding 

International Gokkusagi School attaches great importance to STEM and robotic coding education with its comprehensive laboratories and expert trainers in the field. While strengthening abilities in analytical thinking and problem solving, STEM and robotic coding also enables students to develop systematically in all areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 


If you would like to take more information about International School in İzmir of Gokkusagi, you can contact with us by filling out this contact form:

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