Internatıonal Resources And Dıgıtal Platforms

Internatıonal Resources And Dıgıtal Platforms



The biggest collection of  online journals in the world. The Jstor’s  Secondary School Collection is available for  our students who want  to be young scholars. We aim to create learners who are inquirers, thinkers and productive. The 50 different types  of archieves  in scientific  field   are used from the  more that 7000 institutions within  150 countries and 85 universities in Turkey.


Your Learning Place

Your Learning Place which more than 100,000 English activities is used successfully more than 25 countries around the world. Thanks to this platform  that offers language exercises through different learning approaches, teachers assign weekly or daily homework to students and observe the results within seconds.




Dijital dünya ile etkileşim Gökkuşağı Koleji olarak, yüksek kalitede öğretim ve öğrenim kaynakları sunan yTeach dijital platformu İngilizce, İspanyolca dillerinde uluslararası Fen Bilimleri ve Matematik müfredatlarında öğrencilerimize sunuyoruz. yTeach, Avrupa, Asya, Afrika ve Amerika kıtasında hizmet veren, dünya lideri eğitim yazılımcısı, e-öğrenme teknolojisi ve içerik geliştiricisidir.


Follet Destiny Library (MyGökkuşağıLibrary)

The library of world….The agreement with the American’s giant, Titlewave-Follet Library Resources, provider of library resources, our students reach thousand of e-resources and e-books with one click anytime anywhere.


New Scientist

New Scientist magazine has been keeping readers up to date with the latest science and technology news from around the world. New Scientist currently has nearly 1 million worldwide readers every week. With this online magazine the students take an extraordinary journey  while  they are reading the sciencitific news and articles.


The Association For Science Education (ASE)

ASE, the Excellence in Teaching and Learning Science….   We are A member of the biggest scientific teaching association in the UK.



Globed Raz-Plus is your digital Personalized Blended Reading Programme… The digital library of stories for the bookworms!