International Gokkusagi Schools Kindergarten

International Gökkusagi Schools provide an International Kindergarten which knows that every child is special in their own way. Due to this approach it embraks, International Gokkusagi Schools behave all the kindergarten students in accordance with this perspective. 


Benefits of International Gokkusagi Schools Kindergarten


In the preschool years of children which refers to the period where children are at their most open age to “learn” International Gokkusagi Schools engage in some steps to use these special times of the children in the most productive way possible. 


  1. Provides education to the children by using a bilingual education system. 
  2. Gives art academy lessons for the children to make them gain an aesthetic perception in their future life starting from their early childhood. 
  3. International Kindergarten of Gokkusagi aims to conduct science and nature activities for children to see that positive sciences can be learned in an interactive way, rather than considering that positive sciences can only be educated through theoretical textbooks.


What International Gokkusagi Schools Kindergarten aims in Education?

Gokkusagi aims to raise children, which will be the grownups of tomorrow, who are aware of the improvements going on in the World by inoculating willingness to learn with a curious and sensitive manner. 

International Gökkusagi Schools which aims to proceed an attentive and innovative understanding in secondary school education also embraces to act in accordance to this very understanding in the education process of children in International Kindergarten of Gokkusagi Schools. 


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