International Education

What is International Education?

International education consists of a special curriculum which is international and world class. It means a great education of coding, STEM, foreign language and social abilities. International schools give an education that is international and an international diploma to their students. This diploma has worldwide validity.


Advantages of International School Education

  • All the parents want their children to have a good education. A good education is a combination of math, non-math and foreign language courses. Usually, there is no influential foreign language education in every school except the international education schools. An international school gives lessons proper to foreign students. That’s why this method of education includes very effective foreign language education.
  • International schools are more economic than students studying abroad because they are based on the same curriculum of schools abroad.
  • International education has worldwide validity. For this reason, its diploma is also considered as a global diploma. International schools have an international curriculum and its method is same as other schools in the world.
  • This method of education consists courses which are coding and programming, socio-cultural assets of the world like music, literature, sports and history. Most importantly, students of Gökkuşağı International Schools have a chance of taking STEM education.

Why Should You Choose International Education at Gökkuşağı College?

Gökkuşağı International School is one of the few international schools in Turkey, also known as international education charter schools. Gökkuşağı College has a legal right to give their students an education which has a global validity.

Gökkuşağı College gives two different international programmes:

  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • IB Diploma Programme

IB Programme is one of the education systems of Gökkuşağı. IB or with another name International Baccalaureate Programme is based on IBO and has an international validity. Also, Gökkuşağı International School is considered as Cambridge International School and gives Cambridge Assessment International Education to students.

Gökkuşağı International School offers the best education by combining the values of its own country and requirements of global education. There is a student-centred and balanced education in Gökkuşağı College that means we follow the fundamentals of international curriculum without disregarding the needs and personalities of every student. For this reason, if you want to find a good international education and meet a student-focused education approach, Gökkuşağı International School will be the right place for you.