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İzmir is an area which is quite rich in terms of college diversity. But Gokkusagi School’s International College in İzmir can become the new address for those who are looking for colleges in İzmir with its 25 years of quality education. 


International Gokkusagi Schools, which provides education with 4 campuses in Istanbul, is now in İzmir with all of  its technological equipment and equipped academic staff.


Features of Gokkusagi’s International College in İzmir


By bringing its 25 years of experience in the field of education to İzmir, International Gokkusagi Schools will now continue its qualified education service in İzmir as well. International Gokkusagi School’s İzmir Ataşehir campus has a wide range of opportunities. And here, we arranged some features of the International College in İzmir, which provides every opportunity for its students to improve themselves: 


  • Student-centered Education
  • National and International Education Programs
  • Education with Dual Foreign Language Method
  • Intensive English Education
  • CAP Education ( Creativity – Activity – Program)


  • Technologic Laboratories
  • Arts, Sports and Cultural Activities
  • Preparation for YKS and LGS exams
  • IB Education
  • STEM Education
  • Robotic Coding Education 
  • Career Guidance


For detailed information about the Gokkusagi’s International College in İzmir, you can check our campuses page.


Education Levels of International Gokkusagi Schools 


International Gokkusagi School’s İzmir Atasehir campus provides education at secondary and high school levels. But Dual Foreign Language Education, International Programs, STEM, Coding Education and CAP Program can be applied in all the education levels. With these applications; International Gokkusagi School’s İzmir campus offers an innovative, versatile and international education opportunity to its students.


If you would like to take more information about International Gokkusagi Schools’ International College in İzmir, you can contact with us simply by filling out this contact form :

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