IB Schools in Ankara

International Gokkusagi Schools Ankara Campus provides Cambridge Education to its students which is used in over 160 countries all over the world.


İstanbul Bahçelievler Campus of International Gokkusagi Schools provides an IB Education to its students with its experience in the field of education which has a history of more than a quarter century. 


With the help of its broad teaching staff from 18 different nationalities and the innovative perspective it embarks on in the matter of education ; 


“International Gokkusagi Schools open the doors of a World filled with opportunities to its students.”


What are the benefits of an IB education?


  1. Students can gain the opportunity to work and collaborate in universal settings. 
  2. They can professionalize  in specific branches of education where they feel most interested.
  3. With the high acceptance rate of their IB diploma ; students can gain the chance to have higher acceptance results in their university applications.


Along with IB Education, international education services of International Gokkusagi Schools also has an education system named Cambridge Education which focuses more on improving academic skills of students with continuous development  perspective. 


What is Cambridge Education? 


Different from IB Schools in Ankara ; the available alternative for parents given by International Gokkusagi Schools Ankara campus is Cambridge Education.


With the help of Cambridge Education, students can gain the chance to experience some new educational skills and learning models which can create a steady base for their further academic education.


Even though IB Schools in Ankara don’t have as many preference options as İstanbul has; due to the great interest responses coming from parents and students, it is highly expected that IB education in Ankara will become popular in the upcoming years. 

If you would like to take more information about IB Schools in Ankara you can contact with us simply by filling out this contact form :  https://gokkusagi.k12.tr/en/contact/

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