IB School Cambridge

Both the curriculums of IB school cambridge schools aim to provide an educational environment in which students can develop their social, physical and logical skills.


And both Cambridge and IB education is perceived as one of the most important international education methods in the world by many successful education authorities and conscious parents.


Why Should Parents Prefer an International Education?


With the help of International Gokkusagi Schools’ approach on receiving education and the skill development based understanding of both  Cambridge Education and IB education students will be able to:


  • Gain highly advanced abilities in the matters of creativity and communication as well as academic skills which will stand helpful in their further education such as undergraduate and graduate studies.


  • Use their graduation certificate in more than 160 countries worldwide, because both IB school cambridge schools are recognized by many education authorities and institutions in international bases.  


  • Receive a splendid language education because both IB and Cambridge curriculums give high priority to language learning. 


And by completing their education with curriculums in which language learning highly matters; students will be able to implement all the necessary skills in language learning which includes reading, writing, speaking and listening at least in 2 foreign languages. 

If you would like to receive more information about both IB School Cambridge School of International Gokkusagi Schools’, you can contact with us simply by filling out this contact form.

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