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Prepare not only for the Exam, but also for the Future

Being a student; it is a journey that starts in the pre-school period and continues until the end of the university… When we think of the concept of studentship, one of the first facts comes to mind is “exam”. As students, we devote a large part of childhood and youth to examination preparation processes. When we look back, we remember an important part of school life with exams. From the oral exams we know in the past to the new generation questions and quizzes, exams have a great place in milestones of studentship and even in school memories that are remembered after many years.

Even if the answers to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” beginning in childhood are full of dreams and goals, the paths of our career goals definitely cross with exams. That is because there is a very familiar fact which starts with our families, in our immediate surroundings, in the classroom and in the neighborhood; “If you want to have a good future, a good job and a decent life, you have to achieve in your courses. It’s not enough to be good at courses, but you have to get good scores in exams too.”

From past to present, the idea of “The future equals education” has dominated the majority of humanity… Let’s all ask ourselves a few questions about the truths that many people, sometimes our closest friends, and sometimes even ourselves believe.

  • Should only be ‘exam’ in the focus of the education?
  • Is it a good education method to focus only on good scores and work for this purpose?
  • Should a student only think about scores to be future ready?
  • Is it a logical way for them for development to adopt the lessons and try to apply them in daily life?
  • Does trying to understand the knowledge and logic required for life, rather than the scores, exam system, answer key, make a student more successful?
  • Is it possible to be successful in exams and also be developed by understanding the world?

Research, curiosity and questioning have always developed people. This has taken people a step further. Starting to think and asking ourselves questions leads us to inspiring points. The last item of the above questions is of critical importance. That is because the last item addresses the concept of development. It highlights the importance of development as well as thinking about scores, exams, or a future career. It shows that the future and development can proceed in a direct proportion. The target of an educational process aiming a successful future and understanding the meaning and logic of living; is the right target for the student.

International Baccalaureate Diploma and PYP education; it is designed to train multi-faceted, multi-featured, internationally conscious global citizens. The IB Diploma Programme provides students with the opportunity to choose courses for the professions they want to practice in the future, by learning two foreign languages simultaneously. Students with an IB Diploma are eligible to study at more than 2050 international universities. Making sports, arts and social work a great obligation, the IB PYP and Diploma Programme educates students with an efficient and future-oriented education process. Thus, the vision of the students who continue their education with the IB PYP and Diploma Programme; is to be an international individual, rather than just being successful in exams, and to have well-equipped infrastructures.

Having the IB PYP and IB Diploma Programme certificate that all educational institutions in the world which make the vision as their priority want to have, the International Gokkusagı Schools educates every student who enters the school as well-equipped individuals having global perspectives. By separating the student experience from exams and scores, it has great efforts to make them to think holistic- and future-oriented.

The first education concept that young students, who have just crossed paths with International Gokkusagı Schools, are first introduced to and experienced is IB-PYP. The IB Primary Years Programme is an interesting, meaningful and reliable education system for children aged 3-12. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme is based on nurturing the love of all students for learning throughout their education period by putting creativity and curiosity at the hearth of education.

Thanks to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme focusing on developing students by changing their student perspectives and educating students by developing them, students comprehend creative thinking, practical analysis and proactive behavior. They learn to use the right initiative when necessary. A solid self-confidence stemming from knowledge and experience provides many benefits both now and in the future. The students experiencing the International Baccalaureate education; they also find within themselves the maturity to make the right decision in times of crisis and the belief to work to make the world a better place.

The students of the International Gokkusagı Schools and their parents realize from the very first moments that students who receive education at IB levels go through a different education model. Because the IB Primary Years and Diploma Programme bringing the conventional teaching system to a universal dimension and giving the students a unique vision, prepares students not only for exams but also for the future.

To give examples of international students who graduated from the IB programme, which provides students with new perspectives, big goals and experiences that shape the future; it will be very useful for understanding the level of education.

First example; Justin Trudeau, the 23rd and current prime minister of Canada, which is among the countries with one of the largest economies in the world… Justin Tredeau, an IB graduate, is known as the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history.

Japanese engineer Akihiko Hoshide served as the former commander of the International Space Station and as an astronaut for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. When the calendars showed August 30, 2012, IB graduate Hoshide put his stamp on history as the third Japanese astronaut walked in space.

Gael Garcia Bernal, the shining star of Mexican cinema which has made great progress in recent years and has trained many artists, played the leading role in the films that were nominated for the Oscar, the most well-known award ceremony in the USA and the world.

Being a graduate of the International Baccalaureate, Bernal has sat in the director’s chair several times in addition to take part in the film industry as an actor.

British actress Carey Mulligan, born in 1985, has been involved in many cinema and television projects in the UK. IB Graduate Mulligan has gained a large fan base in various parts of the world with many films in which she has acted, and she has been nominated for the best actress category in many festivals, including the Oscar award ceremony.

One of the founders of Facebook, which is almost the first major social media platform in the internet world and pushing the top of the list of most valuable companies, Dustin Moskovitz is one of the most popular internet entrepreneurs of all times. American entrepreneur Moskovitz graduated from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme  founded Asana, a well-known software in the business world, in 2008.

Willem-Alexander, born in 1967, ascended to the throne as King of the Netherlands in 2013. Before ascending to the throne, a graduate of the International Baccalaureate King Willem-Alexander had served as the Chairman of the Dutch Water Sector Advisory Committee, a member of the Olympic Committee, and the Chairman of the United Nations’ Advisory Board on Water & Sanitation. Alexander has made history as the second youngest active monarch of the European continent when he ascended the throne.

The IB Primary Years and the IB Diploma Programme; as can be seen in the names of which only a few examples are given above, has provided employment in every field that is very important on the world stage such as arts, sports, science, technology, medicine and politics. Trained students have become opinion leaders while achieving great success on the world stage in critical tasks. The individuals, whose names we proudly mention, have shown to all their fans how important a good education foundation is with what they have produced and developed in their own lanes. Thanks to these examples, the whole world has comprehended that the route drawn by performance-oriented training is the road to everlasting success.

Mainly involve exam-oriented studies, the traditional education models lead to get less efficiency from a student’s potential. In the rote-learning based study system, the probability of realizing the abilities and skills of students in different branches is very low. In the International Baccalaureate disciplines, the student’s proficiency in sports, arts, science, culture, technology or any branch of specialization is determined at a very early age.

In the International Gokkusagı Schools, the inclinations of the students are determined as soon as possible with the equipment diversity and the participation of the expert teaching staff. The students concentrate their studies in their areas of interest. Increasing the study time of the student by focusing on a branch enables that student to attain professionalism as soon as possible. In this way, students gain a versatile background by continuing their development in different disciplines that they are interested in and have skills while continuing their academic education at an international level.

Adding 25 years of experience to the international education that the development, skills, future and success are targeted, International Gokkusagı Schools has determined its education model with the aim of adding great value to each student. The education given and the students trained have the goal to make their country and world better than they are, not only in exams but also in the future. International Gokkusagı Schools is a door to open to an international education. Each color of Gokkusagı (rainbow) is the bright future of the country and the world.

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