High School Of International Gokkusagi Schools Prepares Teens To A Bright Future.

High Schools of International Gokkusagi Schools offer an education to its students where they can step up to a world filled with international opportunities. 


Gokkusagi Schools use the multi-language education approach, STEM and Science Laboratories, and some international education programs such as Cambridge and IB Education. By using all these opportunities, Gokkusagi Schools aim to raise their students as citizens of the world. 


Benefits of International Gokkusagi Highschool

With the developed linguistic skills and sound educational background, students of International Gokkusagi Highschool will be able to practice their academic abilities in their further education with greater efficiency. 


In International Gokkusagi High Schools;


  • Students will be able to conduct all the necessary steps in language learning including reading, writing, speaking and listening in at least 2 foreign languages thanks to the innovative approaches Gokkusagi Schools adopts in the matter of language education.


  • Students will have the chance to develop their academic, physical and social abilities progressively with the help of  STEM and Science laboratories, various cultural activities and sports areas which are available in all of the campuses. 


  • By courtesy of Cambridge and IB Educations available, students will gain the chance to receive one of the educations whose education methods have been highly respected by many education authorities in more than 160 countries worldwide


Due to receiving their education with international standards, students of Gokkusagi Schools can meet the requirements of the globalizing world only by using their highly developed academic and psychosocial skills. 

If you would like to get more information about International Gokkusagi high schools, contact us by filling out the contact form: https://gokkusagi.k12.tr/en/contact/


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