• Tuition and Fees of Gokkusagi Schools

    The tuition fees of the school show difference in accordance with education stages and the chosen education type to be held in whether national or international. To learn more about our pricing procedures, you are more than welcome to fill up a contact form. If you’d like to, you can also reach all the phone numbers of our campuses through our contact page.

  • When Did Gokkusagi Schools Founded?

    The Gokkusagi Schools which founded at the year of 1997 in Günesli, Istanbul now works on its 6 different campuses with the help of 300 educators from 18 different countries. And now, the school experiences the pride of having 6000 graduates after its 25 years of journey filled with achievements.

  • Which Cities Has Gokkusagi Schools?

    In İstanbul, Gokkusagi Schools have 4 campuses which locates in: Ataşehir, Bahçelievler, Bahçeşehir and Beylikdüzü. Besides, the school gives education in 3 cities in total with 6 different campuses along with Çankaya, Ankara and Ataşehir, İzmir campuses.

  • Who Stands as The Principal in Gokkusagi Schools?

    General principality of Gokkusagi Schools belongs to Mesut Döner who has a career background as teacher in high school. In addition, the experienced principal Döner also has several academic studies in the topic of psychology.

  • Who stands as the owner of Gokkusagi Schools?

    Gokkusagi Schools belongs to two teachers named Abdülkadir and Şule Gayretli whom dedicated their all economic and cultural fundings only for the sake of developing the education sector.

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