Edexcel Approved Centre

Educational Excellence

Gökkuşağı Colleges have focused on international-mindedness, science and international education with the high-quality of Cambridge Maths, Cambridge Science, IB, PYP, Informatics Olympiads and  Cambridge English standards.

In 2012, after the teachers of Gökkusağı College was trained by the Edexcel trainers and after the inspectons conducted by Edexcel, we became the first Edexcel centre in Turkey in September 2012. It provides an excellent transition to international universites  through the english maths and science education in primary and secondary school.  Our students can take these examinations in grade5, 8 and 10. They receieve valuable certificates at their young ages  and are exposed to an international education at early ages.

What Is Edexcel?

Edexcel is an examination board and international curriculum provider which is based in the United Kingdom presenting international curriculum programs in teaching and certifying 1,5 milion graduation of all over the world  in each year. It backs up collabratively to all stakeholders about the perfection of teaching. In each year more than 2 million people receive their education trusting to  the quality of Edexcel learning method in more than 100 countries. Gökkuşağı College is authorized to implement the Edexcel international programme in the disciplines of english, maths and science, since 2012.