Cambridge International School

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International primary, middle and high school education through Cambridge Assessment International Education programmes.

In the academic year 2013 -2014, after the feasibility studies and preparations carried out by the school community, the authorities of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)* authorized Gökkuşağı Schools as a Cambridge International School to implement their curricula and offer CIE examinations after inspecting the items such as the educational philosophy, the qualifications of the teaching staff, opportunities offered for teachers’ professional development, the library resources, science lab requirements and international mindedness of the school community.

International education through primary, middle and highschool with Cambridge Assessment International Education curricula

Please click on see the Cambridge International Schools which are implementing the Cambridge programmes in more than 10,000 schools in 160 countries in the world.

Cambrıdge Assessment Internatıonal Educatıon

Cambridge International Education is implemented in more than 10,000 schools in 160 countries in the world and symbolizes excellence in education.

The University of Cambridge is the world’s utmost international educational programmes and certificates provider for 5 – 19-year-olds. It offers a worldwide international education with its curriculums, educational programmes, examinations, teacher professional development courses. These programmes are a continuum from primary to secondary and high school, and from high school to university uninterruptedly.

Students receive an excellent preparation for the university education based on the international level, completing Cambridge Primary Programme in the primary school; Cambridge Secondary I Programme in secondary school, IGCSE Programme at 9th and 10th grade; Cambridge AS/A level programmes at 11th and 12th grade. Then, they are entitled to get into the best famous universities in the world.

The programmes based on English, English Science, English Mathematics in primary school and secondary school turn into an option of more than 70 different subjects taught in English at high school.

We started to implement this programme which is shaped as a result of the cooperation of Gökkuşağı Schools and Cambridge International Education and accreditated by the Ministry of Turkish National Education in the 2014 – 2015 school year.

The programme, which is integrated with national curricula and carried out with approved weekly subject schedules of the Ministry of National Education, will help students increase their foreign language level as well.

Gökkuşağı Schools, which have been approved as the first Cambridge International School at the primary and secondary level and the second Cambridge International School at high school level by the Ministry of National Education, aim to provide academic excellence to fulfil the potential of every learner.

Cambridge supports schools to create students with following profile attributes :

  • works in confidence with his/her and others’ ideas and knowledge.
  • is responsible, sensitive and respectful.
  • thinks reflectively as a student while developing learning skills.
  • is innovative, modern and equipped against challenges in future.
  • works in a sense of dedication intellectually and socially in order to make a difference

Bilingual Education with Intensive Foreign Language Courses…

Our school offering English language education at high standard gives Sciences and Mathematics subjects in Turkish and in English according to the requirements of the Cambridge Assessment International Education. Students take Sciences and Mathematics subjects in English starting from the primary school. In high school, all subjects except Turkish Language and Grammar, Turkish literature, cultural Turkish courses are taught in English.

Students reach an advanced level of English through which they can also learn many science subjects in high school. Students are accepted by the international universities owing to this international education taken in high school. Students take Cambridge IGCSE examinations at the end of 10th grade and Cambridge A-Level. Along with being an IB School Gökkuşağı is also a Cambridge International School!

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What the Cambridge International Education curriculums are/are not

Cambridge International School in Istanbul

Gökkuşağı Educational Institutions were assessed according to the following criteria of the content strands: the mission of the school and its educational values, school management and leadership, quality of teaching and learning, the physical environment and facilities of the school, legal requirements and were awarded with the titles of Cambridge International School and Cambridge Primary School. Our schools were inspected whether they:

  • have international-minded staff with the works and perspectives for education
  • have a mission and educational values.
  • have a high level of foreign language teaching
  • have suitable physical conditions and have required facilities (sports hall, labs etc.) in order to implement the programmes effectively
  • have a teaching staff who will be able to teach all subjects through English
  • have experienced teachers
  • plan and prepare professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • have met the requirements of national and international standards of security, fire and first aid.
  • have a steel-doored, iron-barred safe storage room with concrete walls to keep examination papers safely
  • have met the high standards in Science-Physics-Chemistry-Biology laboratories.
  • have sufficient library and digital library resources
  • have a coordinator and exam officer implement these programmes and conduct examinations.

Cambridge is an Integrated Curriculum Approved by the Ministry of Turkish National Education

Recently, everybody observed that some booksellers or publishers in Turkey provide international nameplates and titles for schools in return for selling their books at a rate of 70% by specific agreements with the schools. These nameplates which are offered to schools do not mean that they are accredited by those universities or implementing an international curriculum. The universities have even no information that their names are used in the nameplates in this way. If you buy 70 per cent of your books from that publisher, they provide you with a nameplate!

Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculums offered by Gökkuşağı Schools are integrated educational programmes which are prepared by a division of the University of Cambridge and approved by The Ministry of National Education. It is not an agreement made with the local booksellers. International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge Assessment International Education programmes can only be implemented by meeting the certain requirements of the related organizations with approval.

International programmes bring many obligations

Programmes such as IB and Cambridge International require hereby so many financial investments while upgrading the standards of the school’s;  schools must be in constant development. Administrators and teachers implementing these programmes must obtain so many online or face to face official professional development qualifications/certificates. Schools are required to establish a library with rich resources and an e-library and fully equipped Physics-Chemistry-Biology and science laboratories. A continuous teacher professional development programme is required to change the school climate and to transform and develop the education and learning/teaching approaches. On the other hand, there is an obligation to pay an annual fee to these organizations. The Ministry of National Education supports these quality schools and protects their rights.

They are not related with general English tests such as

Cambridge International programmes are not pertinent to Cambridge Starters-Movers-Flyers-KET-PET or FCE examinations.These examinations are the examinations in which students in all age groups can take part and which test their general English level. Everyone can take these examinations and gain a certificate indicating their level of English. These are not an curriculums, either. These are examinations organized by Cambridge Assessment English department which is a  different department of the University of Cambridge.