British Curriculum refers to a skill improvement- based educational approach which is recognized and respected by more than 160 countries in Worldwide. Due to these modernistic perspectives of the curriculum; International Gokkusagi Schools contain and implement the British Curriculum in its Cambridge Schools.


With the broad academic staff it has which consists 18 different nationalities inside and the developmental approach towards education that it embarks : 


“International Gokkusagi Schools aim to introduce the World to its students starting from their early ages…”


Is Cambridge Curriculum Same As British Curriculum?


British Curriculum stands as an educational system which actually almost refers to the same thing with the Cambridge Education except where Cambridge Education can be internationalized through different cultural scopes. 


Therefore, Cambridge Education can be conceived as the international version of the British Education system. 


What is The Difference Between IB and British Curriculum?


Even though both education approaches operate in accordance with an international objective and both stand as well-known and respected education systems in Worldwide; there are still a few differences between them in terms of practice. 


IB Education can stand as a great option for students who aim to have a scope from every discipline but wants to professionalize in a few of them. For this reason, IB gives more priority to the theory of the lectures and it requires its students to have a more academic approach for them to be able to gain more benefits from the process of IB. 


In Cambridge Education, besides improving the students in as many disciplines as IB Education does ; it also focuses on the improvement of some skills such as communication and creativity besides the theoretic approach. 


Due to the British Curriculum aims its students to use these abilities in their further education ; in Cambridge Education the functioning can differ from IB in accordance with these approaches.


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