Beylikdüzü Gokkusagi International School

For parents who search for an equipped education for their children; International Gokkusagi Schools provide a successful Cambridge education which is based on the curriculum through English instruction in Beylikdüzü Gokkusagi International School campus as well with some other campuses. 


Innovative education methods and the curriculum of Cambridge Education stands as one of the most highly respected education approaches around the world by more than 160 countries worldwide. And by completing this eligible education approach, there are some benefits for students which they can both use in their further education as well with their career life. 


Benefits of Cambridge Education 

With the help of Beylikdüzü Gokkusagi International School’s campus which uses curriculum through English instruction just like other cambridge campuses of Gokkusagi Schools, the innovative approach towards education the school embarks and the skill improvement based education perception of Cambridge education provides,  students will be able to ;


  • Receive an education method which generally aims to develop their skills both in the terms of academic and psychosocial development which will have a positive future impact on their further educations like bachelors and masters degree.


  • Apply to some of the World’s highly known and respected universities only by using their Cambridge graduation certificate. 


  • Study with their diploma in more than 160 countries. Because, the graduation certificate of Cambridge education has been accepted by many educational authorities.

If you would like to take more information about Beylikdüzü Gokkusagi International School, you can contact with us simply by filling out this contact form :


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