Bahcesehir International School

Features of Bahcesehir Campus 

Bahcesehir International School of Gokkusagi is an advanced private school which provides education at international standards to its students with IB and Cambridge education programs under the schools of IB and Cambridge and aims its students to receive their education in an equipped manner.


What Awaits For Students in Bahcesehir Campus?


Student Centered Education Versatile Education With Cap
IB PYP, Cambridge Along With National Curriculum Options Advanced Laboratories
SAT Exam Preparation Studies Arts and Sports Fields
Dual Foreign Language Education Advanced Education Technologies
Intensive English Education YKS Preparation Studies
STEM and Robotic Coding Lectures LGS Preparation Studies
Gokkusagi’s Bahcesehir International School has an area of 17.000 square meters hence, the campus of the school offers its students a spacious and comfortable education area. Located in the campus; students have the opportunity to develop their physical, academic and social activities with the equestrian area, tennis court, archery, ice skating, jogging track, pool, indoor and outdoor sports halls.


Equipped Education in Gokkusagi 


Dual Foreign Language Education 

International Gokkusagi Schools provides foreign language education in accordance with the international standards. Students graduate with a good level of foreign language proficiency. It is aimed students to reach the levels of B1-B2 in English and A2 level in Spanish.


STEM And Robotic Coding 


STEM; can be defined as the advanced education in the fields of science, technology and mathematics which develops creativity. It covers the educations starting from pre-school education to post-doctoral education. And those who practice STEM studies argue that engineering education to start from earlier ages would perform relatively better outcomes. 


Cambridge International Education  


Cambridge programs are taught to nearly 1 million students in 16 countries. It enables students to be self-confident, thoughtful and innovative. Cambridge aims to raise individuals who have the ability to create a better world for the future by developing their linguistic abilities along with bringing an international perception to its students. 




IB PYP is an education system provided in Gokkusagi’s Bahcesehir International School which aims to raise individuals who are international consciousness. It provides a meaningful and interesting learning environment for children aged 3-12, to shape an academic base for their all future learnings. Along with bringing eagerness to learn, IB PYP also aims to develop the necessary skills and attitudes in the matter of education as well.

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