Baccalaureate Schools in İstanbul

Due to IB education to stand as an educational programme which provides many benefits to its students in terms of developing their academic abilities as well as the linguistic and cultural perceptions, Baccalaureate Schools in İstanbul show a large variety of distribution.


For this reason in this article, we will suggest a school for parents who want their children to receive the IB education by good hands… With the experience it carries for a quarter century and the broad academic staff from 18 different nationalities;   International Gokkusagi Schools aim to provide the IB education for all of its students in the best manner with its Baccalaureate Schools in İstanbul and other campuses. 


What is The Purpose of An IB School ?

A common main purpose of IB education is to ensure its students engage in an educational process where they will experience continuous learning and improve its students’ academic abilities in greater terms. As an addition to these basic purposes;


  • Baccalaureate or IB Education aims to develop its students’ linguistic abilities by leading them to conduct all the required steps of language learning (speaking, listening, writing and reading) at least in 2 foreign languages. 


  • IB education also provides its students an education curriculum where they can get professionalized in specific branches of education where they feel most interested with an aim for preparing them to their future starting from their early years of education. 


If you would like to take more information about International Gokkusagi Schools’ Baccalaureate Schools in İstanbul you can contact with us simply by filling out this contact form :

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