Ataşehir Gokkusagi International School

Why Gokkusagi Schools?


With the qualified and equipped approach it embarks on its education methods and perceptions ; just like other campuses of Gokkusagi, Ataşehir Gokkusagi International School also wants to prepare its students for the future in the best way possible. 


With the broad academic staff from 18 different nationalities and the students from different nationalities; Gokkusagi Schools aim to provide an education to its students by considering to follow up the international educational standards as its focus point. 


What Awaits For Students in Gokkusagi Schools ?


  • By providing the curriculums of Cambridge and IB educations along with the national curriculum, Gokkusagi Schools provides the international perspective in education for all of its students. 


  • To lead the students to make discoveries on their interests and abilities in the fields of sports and art, the campus facilities of Ataşehir Gokkusagi International School are on a continuous development just like other campuses of Gokkusagi Schools. 


  • By embarking on the bilingual education system, Gokkusagi aims its students to graduate with highly qualified linguistic abilities which will enable them to make their further education and career plannings in international bases. 


If you would like to take more information about Ataşehir Gokkusagi International School you can contact with us simply by filling out this contact form :

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